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News articles regarding Lake Electrocutions:

Details of 74 Electric Shock Drownings

Electrocution investigated as possible cause of drownings

Teen drowns at Smith Lake, electrocution may have been cause

Swimmers narrowly escape electrocution in Lake of the Ozarks cove

Brother, sister electrocuted during lake swim, Missouri authorities say

Fourth Child Dies After Missouri, Tennessee Lake Electrocutions

The Electric Shock Drowning of Samantha Chipley

Children killed while swimming at Lake of the Ozarks


The following are actual incidents that could have been detected immediately with the use of a Dock Lifeguard system.


Lights On - Lights Off

Dock owner were getting shocked at night, but were fine during the day.
Wiring insulation in the light circuit was rubbing off and was making contact with the conduit. Dock was safe when lights were off, but when light switch was turned on the entire dock became energized.

Shocking Shower

Two adjacent owners of lake homes were getting shocked in each of their homes when they took a shower.
Owner shared a common well that fed their homes and docks. Conduit on a dock ramp pulled apart which resulted in wiring wearing against the dock ramp next to the water line and injecting electricity into the water line that fed back up to the well and then into the house and shower.

Lift Chaos

Dock became energized after using Boat Lift.
The boat lift control box did not have a dump valve. When the lift was lowered into the water, water was forced up the air tub, into and through the blower motor resulting in electricity being put into the water when the blower motor was turned on.

Faulty Boat Generator

Swimmers where shocked when boating friends came to visit.
Dock was safe, but the boat moored next to the dock was not. Faulty wiring from the generator resulted in current going through the drive shaft of the boat and into the water.


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