Purchase Locations:

Dock Lifeguard
Lake Ozark, MO, 65049
P: (573) 434-6453

Dock Realty
2820 Bagnell Dam Blvd, Suite 5A
Lake Ozark, MO, 65049-0008
P: (573) 374-8849

Dock Realty (Grand Lake, OK)
Grove, OK
P: (918) 801-8855

Premier Service
Lake Tuscaloosa, AL
P: (205) 752-6332

Kimbrell Electric
Lewis Smith Lake, AL
P: (205) 388-8652

Collier Boat Docks
Table Rock, AR
P: (417) 779-4831

Lakeside Dock Services
Table Rock, AR
P: (417) 338-2442

Electrex, LLC
Texoma, OK TX
P: (580) 634-1080

Current Dock Lifeguard Installations

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Question: Why don't we sell Dock Lifeguards online?

Answer: Call 573 434-6453 and we will answer any questions you have about our product and take your order over the phone.  The reason we don't offer directly online is because we would like to speak to each customer individually. Our product not only detects electricity in water, it detects electricity in the frame of the dock, and also improper grounding issues. We want customers to understand that they need a qualified electrician to come out and install the Dock Lifeguard and that there might be other pre-existing issues with their dock that only a electrician would be able to diagnose and repair.

Our product is significantly more advanced than other battery powered bobber type detectors that are on the market and available online. We are concerned about you, your family, and your safety! Monitoring your water safety 24x7x365 - Choose Dock Lifeguard!