The New Dock Lifeguard Testing Tool

Dock L:ife guard Tsting Tool

The Dock Lifeguard Testing probe is designed for qualified Dock Lifeguard Installers to use to assist in configuring and calibrating the Dock Lifeguard System.  The test unit makes it easy to inject momentary electricity (120 Volts, ~ 1 Amp) into the water to verify the settings and operation of the Dock Lifeguard System.  Voltage and Amperage are displayed on the probe LCD display.

To order a Dock Lifeguard Testing Tool, please call (573) 434-6453


WARNING:  Extreme caution when using this device as this device will put 120V hazardous electricity into the water.  Make sure that no one is in the water within 100 yards of your testing environment.

Electric Shock Hazard

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